Monitor your e-commerce site effectively with our alerting tool.

What is McClane?

The platform allows you to anticipate and react to problems in your e-commerce. McClane makes it much easier and faster to detect, identify and solve problems.Will you rely the performance of your shop on luck?


With a complete dashboard you can follow the evolution of the status of your shop. Check for errors and find out which Tests are the most problematic and which work best. Get statistics by language, device or browser and detect time periods to study possible problems.

Tests View

Check the history of your user-flows. Look for specific information about the last bugs, where and when they occurred. Detecting bugs is not enough. McClane will notify you of bugs and provide you with everything you need to know what happened and how to fix it.

Live View

See the current status of Tests through the 'live view'. It will be kept up to date so it is perfect for monitoring any errors that may suddenly appear.

What is McClane?

McClane offers easy-to-use killer features for your project.


We implement a whole set of Tests to validate the operation of your e-commerce. We cover and monitor the most critical features 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. McClane doesn't sleep so you can sleep easy knowing everything works fine on over 2,000 real devices.


A page dedicated to performance analysis. How many requests does our e-commerce make? What type is each one? Which ones take the longest? How change my Google Pagespeed metrics across the time? On this section you can consult this information to know the general performance.


Would you like to know if you e-commerce has security issues? With McClane Security you can be alerted when your site has security issues and with a simple look over the dashboard evaluate the criticality for the issue


Detecting a problem is just as important as solving it early. Therefore, it is vital to know that we have a problem as soon as possible. With McClane Alerting you can take control of which notifications you will receive, who will receive them and with which communication channel..

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